Maturity Training

  • Leading firms of the world regularly assess their purchasing departments in order to stay to ensure them complying to global state-of-the-art and outperform their competitors. Learn how to do such an assessment and apply it for your own company
  • Discussion of a purchasing maturity profile (purchasing planning, organisational structure, process organisation, HR and leadership, controlling)
  • – How does a world class planning process looks like?
    – Which is the most suitable organisational structure in purchasing?
    – Which processes need to be in order to perform in purchasing?
    – How does the ideal purchaser look like for a job and how to develop personnel to match this target?
    – How to measure and improve purchasing success in a systematic manner?
  • Till the end of the training participants will have assessed their organisation’s maturity, compared their practices and discussed international best practice examples, thus identifying potential for improvement with their organisation.
  • We use the only empirically validated purchasing maturity profile (Schiele 2007). 5% more purchasing sophistication as measured in our model corresponded to 1% more savings. Not educated guess, but empirically validated
  • Training approach: discussion of the maturity model on the example of best practice cases from Europe’s leading firms, application to the participant’s companies, sharing of experiences