Twente Training

“Special issue of the “Fit for Industry 4.0 in Purchasing” training as preparation for the visit to the DPW – Digital Procurement World in Amsterdam. The training in Twente will focus on introducing the fourth industrial revolution and its potential impact on purchasing. In particular, participants learn how to assess their company’s I4.0 readiness with the help of the maturity model “from I3.0 to I4.0 in purchasing”. This discussion can be used to sketch development a smart purchasing roadmap for the own company. In this way, training participants will then be able to fully take advantage of joining the DPW fair to search for solutions directly supportive to the realization of their own I4.0 roadmap.”

  • Impact on purchasing and SCM
  • Which trends are important, which only hype?
  • What exactly is the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0)?
  • Implications of machine-to-machine communication in cyber-physical systems for purchasing
  • What do cyber-physical systems look like in the supply chain?
  • State-of-the-art software development
  • Industry 4.0: more than just further digitization
  • Current and future scenarios for purchasing and SCM 4.0
  • Scenarios Industry 4.0 in purchasing: Closely connected systems or marketplace renaissance?
  • Supply chains 4.0: Participants, technologies, processes
  • Which skill set does the buyer of the future need?
  • Possible effects of I4.0 on …
  • – different categories of goods
    – Talent Management and Recruiting
    – Supplier management and innovation
    – Ordering and operational purchasing
    – strategic purchasing and autonomous negotiation
    – Data security
    – master data management and data quality
    – eProcurement and marketplaces
    – SCM and logistics
    – Supplier Relationship Management
  • Fit for Industry 4.0 in purchasing
  • Self-ordering systems
  • Bring innovation into the company
  • How can purchasing become a driver?
  • What role does purchasing play in the future?
  • How does purchasing have to be strategically oriented in the long term?
  • What opportunities and risks arise from Industry 4.0 for purchasing?
  • → Discussion and intensive exchange

Industry 4.0

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